We utilize responsible AI* to score brands across 6 identity dimensions and 3 components.

Together, this provides a holistic view of a brand's consumer-facing inclusivity efforts.

6 identity dimensions:

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Gender expression
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Skin tone
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Observed sexual orientation
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Body size
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Visible disability

3 consumer-facing components:

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Public Advertisements

Analyze most viewed video assets, benchmarked against similar brands
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Product Lineup

Assess whether available products reflect how the brand markets itself
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DEI Commitments

Measure how a brand and their parent company reports progress on their public DEI commitments.

What is *Responsible AI?

How we code matters.  The quality of an output depends on the quality of the datasets.  It's one of the reasons we have partnered with AllTold, leaders in responsible AI,  to measure the ads portion of the SeeMe Index.  For example, many AI models are trained on binary gender values, which biases results against underrepresented gender non-conforming individuals.  That’s not responsible.

The SeeMe Index works very closely with all of our partners to ensure that what and how we measure identity is inclusive and representative.  One of our core principles is continuous learning to ensure we evolve with those that need to be seen.