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For Brands

Ads with higher cultural relevance drive 3.8x lift in brand perception and 2.7x lift in purchase* intent.

Capturing multicultural audiences is a $5 trillion opportunity.** So why aren’t more brands taking action?

The most cited reason for slow DEI progress is a lack of knowledge of how to proceed.  We are removing that barrier by providing AI-powered data that fuels insights and benchmarks so brands know where to focus.

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Brand Scores

Provides a roadmap for each brand and the opportunities they have to improve.  See how brand scores are calculated here.
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Once you have data, it’s hard to know where to go next.  That’s why we offer consulting services to support brands on how to  improve their scores and continue their commitment to inclusivity.
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Industry Index

Provides a frame of reference for the entire industry, unveiling the brands that are doing well.  The index also provides category benchmarks, insights and opportunities for differentiation. See the 2023 Beauty results here.
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Seal of Approval

Allows top brands to badge themselves as best-in-class and “Certified Inclusive” by the SeeMe Index.