About Us

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Asha Shivaji

CEO and Co-Founder

Asha Shivaji is an accomplished marketer, having collaborated with renowned global brands, such as Apple, Disney, Moet Hennessy, Estee Lauder, and Johnson & Johnson. Throughout her career, Asha has focused on revamping and modernizing marketing initiatives that captured the hearts and minds of consumers. Most recently, Asha led the marketing strategy for Google's Advanced Brand Acceleration Team and co-led Google's partnership with the UN's Unstereotype Alliance, an organization whose meaningful efforts are aimed at eliminating harmful stereotypes from media and advertising.

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Jason R. Klein

COO and Co-Founder

Over the last 20+ years, Jason has guided the largest global brands in beauty, CPG, auto, and tech on rapidly shifting consumer behaviors. Most recently at Google, Jason led data science and insights strategy for the BrandLab and Human Truths teams, where he published cutting-edge research and developed the Everyday Allyship training for thousands of colleagues.  Previously as a brand director for Maybelline, Jason was a catalyst to relaunching the Fit Me foundation range to be more inclusive in 2015.  With years of experience motivating brands to think and act differently, he focuses on measuring the "unmeasurable" and utilizing data to unlock hidden DEI opportunities.

Why We Created

The SeeMe Index

In 2023, Asha and Jason launched the SeeMe Index because there was a lack of data about consumer-facing inclusivity efforts.  At Google, brands we worked with were always asking "How do I know if I'm doing this right?" We wanted a data-driven source of truth that could help empower both brands and consumers to live inclusively, so we created it.

asha shivaji as a kid with classmates
jason klein as a kid
asha shivaji as a kid with classmates

As one of the few people of color at her elementary school in Minnesota and a gay boy who didn't quite fit in with his Little League teammates, fighting for inclusive representation is in our DNA.  Yes, inclusive marketing done right drives sales but it also shapes the world we live in by amplifying stories that are possible.  The SeeMe Index is only the beginning of what's possible.

Our Advisory Team

We have a team of partners and advisors that are leaders in the private sector, education, advocacy and government organizations.

They are experts in inclusivity, marketing and technology and are core members of the SeeMe Index team.

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